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How Did You Come To Believe Something Like This? ( My Personal Testimony )

January 12, 2013


How did you come to believe something like this?  I believe that now would be a good time to interject my personal testimony regarding this truth that I promote on this website.  My hope and prayer is that this testimony will help others come to a fuller revelation of scriptural truth. My name, is Hiram […]

What Do The Rabbis Have To Say About Your Claims?

November 20, 2012


What do the rabbis have to say about your claims?  That is a fair question.  After all, if anyone should know the truth about the identity of the children of Yisrael today, it should be the Jewish rabbis, right?  In this post, I will not make the assumption that all of the rabbis are on […]

Where Is It Written That The Israelites Would Lose Their Identity?

February 19, 2012


Lost identity.  Is this a scriptural fact, or a myth perpetuated by “black” and “white” wannabee Israelite groups?  This is a fair question which deserves a fair answer.  Let us start with common sense.  If all twelve tribes of Israel are identifiable today in their entirety, then where are they?  Why aren’t they counted in […]

Why Is Your Belief So Exclusive?

October 12, 2011


Why is your belief ( that you are the true children of Israel ) so exclusive?  In other words, Why not say that you all are the true children of Israel, but also the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, and everyone else who makes a claim to Israelite heritage?  Why be so politically incorrect? I heard a Messianic Jewish brother address […]

Are “Black” People Cursed With The “Curse Of Ham”?

October 9, 2011


Are “black” people cursed with the “curse of Ham”?  While some of you may not be familiar with this question, believe it or not the supposed “curse of Ham” was used centuries of ago by some professing Christian theologians and Jewish rabbis in order to justify the atrocities of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Because Ham, the son of Noah, […]

Were Noah’s Three Sons Three Different Colors?

October 9, 2011


We’re Noah’s three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japeth, three different colors? Whenever the subject of skin color comes up in relation to the characters of the scriptures, many times questions such as this arise. In order to explain the variations in skin color among the nations of the world today, many have postulated that Noah’s […]

What About The “Jews”? Part (III)

October 8, 2011


What about the “Jews”?  This is our third and final post on this subject.  Please make sure that you have read Parts (I) & (II) before reading this post.  In our last post, we demonstrated with scripture that the true children of Israel were prophesied to have suffered the curses of Deuteronomy chapter 28 from […]