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What Do The Rabbis Have To Say About Your Claims?

November 20, 2012


What do the rabbis have to say about your claims?  That is a fair question.  After all, if anyone should know the truth about the identity of the children of Yisrael today, it should be the Jewish rabbis, right?  In this post, I will not make the assumption that all of the rabbis are on […]

To The Messianic/Natsari “Jews”…

February 19, 2012


To The Messianic/Natsari “Jews” ( specifically Ashkenazi and Sephardic ), Greetings in the strong name of our Heavenly Father Yahuah, and His Son Yahushua.  If I could have your attention for just a few brief moments.  My intent in this letter, with the helping grace of the Most High, is to speak the truth to […]

Why Is Your Belief So Exclusive?

October 12, 2011


Why is your belief ( that you are the true children of Israel ) so exclusive?  In other words, Why not say that you all are the true children of Israel, but also the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, and everyone else who makes a claim to Israelite heritage?  Why be so politically incorrect? I heard a Messianic Jewish brother address […]

What About The “Jews”? Part (III)

October 8, 2011


What about the “Jews”?  This is our third and final post on this subject.  Please make sure that you have read Parts (I) & (II) before reading this post.  In our last post, we demonstrated with scripture that the true children of Israel were prophesied to have suffered the curses of Deuteronomy chapter 28 from […]

What About The “Jews”? Part (II)

October 8, 2011


What about the “Jews”?  If you have not done so, please read Part (I) of this post before proceeding further.  This is a very important question in regard to the question of who are the true children of Israel.  Please know that my aim is not to “win the argument”, but rather to win you […]

What About The “Jews”? Part (I)

October 8, 2011


What about the “Jews”?  No blog that is restoring the truth about the children of Israel would be complete without answering this question.  Seeing that this is such a hot potato, I would like to take a different approach to this question than you may be used to hearing. I have been in this “restoration”,”truth […]