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Aren’t You Just A “Black” Version Of British Israelism?

May 12, 2012


Aren’t you just a “black” version of British Israelism?  On the surface it would seem so, however, in this post, my aim is to point out the principal differences between what we believe and British Israelism.  The reason this is necessary is that many take offense to what we believe before even taking the time […]

Our Skin Was BLACK Like An Oven?

February 22, 2012


“Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine” ( Lam. 5:10 ) This is a description of the condition experienced by the children of Yahudah ( Judah ) during the times of the Babylonian captivity.  It is indeed one the most controversial verses of scripture that deal with the physical appearance […]

5 Myths About “Black” Hebrews…

October 11, 2011


Our aim in this post is to dispell 5 common myths that people, especially brothers and sisters in Messiah of other nations, have about what we believe and teach.  Our hope is that we may all learn to prove all things and hold fast that which  is good rather than answering matters before we hear […]

Are “Black” People Cursed With The “Curse Of Ham”?

October 9, 2011


Are “black” people cursed with the “curse of Ham”?  While some of you may not be familiar with this question, believe it or not the supposed “curse of Ham” was used centuries of ago by some professing Christian theologians and Jewish rabbis in order to justify the atrocities of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Because Ham, the son of Noah, […]

Were Noah’s Three Sons Three Different Colors?

October 9, 2011


We’re Noah’s three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japeth, three different colors? Whenever the subject of skin color comes up in relation to the characters of the scriptures, many times questions such as this arise. In order to explain the variations in skin color among the nations of the world today, many have postulated that Noah’s […]

How Do You Know That You All Are Not Africans?

October 9, 2011


How do you know that you all are not Africans?  After all, didn’t you see “Roots”?  Don’t you believe Alex Haley’s historical findings?  It is questions like these that should cause us to dig deeper than what the media and our public schools have taught us.  Please allow me to share a link to a […]