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Why Do You Still Use The Term “Captivity” Today?

September 19, 2014


Why do you still use the term “captivity” today?  “Blacks” are no longer slaves in this country, and are free to come and go as they please.  This is a fair question, seeing that there are relatively few places in the world today where slavery is being practiced to such a degree that people are […]

Can You Answer These Questions?

June 26, 2014


We at the Mission To The Twelve Tribes would like to pose the following questions to our readers: 1.  What one group of people has been “led away captive into all nations” ( Lk. 21:24 ) over the past 2000 years? 2.  What one group of people are also dwelling in the lands of their […]

The Children Of The Captivity

April 28, 2013


When discussing the diaspora, or dispersion of the children of Yashar’al/”Israel” worldwide, we must be careful in the terminology that we employ.  The popular terminology coined by the churches, the synagogues, and the media is the “scattered seed of Israel”.  The aim of this writing is to demonstrate with scripture that this popular terminology is […]

How Did You Come To Believe Something Like This? ( My Personal Testimony )

January 12, 2013


How did you come to believe something like this?  I believe that now would be a good time to interject my personal testimony regarding this truth that I promote on this website.  My hope and prayer is that this testimony will help others come to a fuller revelation of scriptural truth. My name, is Hiram […]

What Do The Rabbis Have To Say About Your Claims?

November 20, 2012


What do the rabbis have to say about your claims?  That is a fair question.  After all, if anyone should know the truth about the identity of the children of Yisrael today, it should be the Jewish rabbis, right?  In this post, I will not make the assumption that all of the rabbis are on […]

Are The Celto-Saxon People The True Israelites? ( Part III )

October 30, 2012


Are the Celto-Saxon people the true Israelites?  This is the third and final post that will deal with this question at hand.  One may ask, Why are you even dealing with this?  Simple.  Many torah seeking believers in Yahusha either believe this teaching, or some variation thereof, and it is blinding their eyes to the […]

Are The Celto-Saxon People The True Israelites? ( Part II )

October 23, 2012


Are the Celto-Saxon people the true Israelites?  In our second post of this series, we will examine a second set of “proof texts” employed by many who claim that the Celto-Saxon people are the true Israelites.  Again, one of the reasons that we are bringing this forth is to shed some much needed scriptural light […]