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Why Christians Are Losing The Battle Against The “Gay” Agenda.

September 6, 2015


“And do not lie with a male as with a woman, it is an abomination.” ( Lev. 18:22 ) “And a man who lies with a male as he lies with a woman; both of them have done an abomination, they shall certainly be put to death, their blood is upon them,” ( Lev. 20:13 […]

“Black” Lives Will Not Matter Until…

September 5, 2015


“Black Lives Matter!” As this phrase dominates the American media, it is the cry of the heart of so many that “black” lives do not seem to matter to those in authority. ¬†Marches and protests continue with strong demands for justice, which is embodied in the caption of the 10th anniversary of the Million Man […]

The Root Of Our Modern-Day Problems

July 15, 2015


“Black Lives Matter!” “Hands Up Don’t Shoot!” “No Justice, No Peace!” In today’s world, we hear the cry of the hearts of our so-called African-American brothers and sisters. ¬†Following of the lead of our so-called leaders, we have learned over the past half-century that we must let our voices be heard if we are going […]