Why Christians Are Losing The Battle Against The “Gay” Agenda.

Posted on 09/06/2015


“And do not lie with a male as with a woman, it is an abomination.”
( Lev. 18:22 )

“And a man who lies with a male as he lies with a woman; both of them have done an abomination, they shall certainly be put to death, their blood is upon them,”
( Lev. 20:13 )

The culture war in America between those who espouse Christian “family-values” and those who support the LGBT agenda has come to a head with the recent jailing of Kim Davis, county clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky who has refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals based upon her Christian convictions.  Although Kentucky state law defines marriage only being between “one man” and “one woman”, the Supreme Court has declared any and all laws prohibiting “gay” marriage to be unconstitutional.  There is a fierce debate between whether or not Kim Davis should have “done her job” as a government official, or stood by her religious convictions and asserted her rights of freedom of religion.

There is also another issue that has come to the forefront that truly warrants some serious attention.  The world looks on as Christians cite the Torah of the Most High as the basis of their opposition to “gay” marriage.  Those who have taken the time and effort to actually read the Torah have noted the hypocritical double-standard by which Christians tend to judge the sin of homosexuality.  Oftentimes, a Christian is asked by “gay” marriage supporters questions like, “Do you eat pork or shellfish?”, or “Do you wear mixed fiber clothing?”  People are noticing that Christians do not uphold the very Torah from which they condemn homosexual behavior.  What is even worse is the confusing Christian theological responses, such as “We are not under the law”, or “Christ nailed the law to the cross”, etc.

It takes a humble to heart to admit that something is seriously wrong their theology.  This is a journey that many of us truth-seekers have had to take.  The Messiah said that unless we are converted and become as little children, we will in no case enter the Kingdom of Yahuah.  The truth of the matter is that Christianity today is by and large a lawless hybrid between scriptural truth, the traditions of men, and paganism.  While the claim of Protestant Christianity is “sola scriptura”, or only the scriptures, experience just does not play this out.  If one truly desires to live by “every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Yahuah”, they must be willing to lay aside all that contradicts the scriptures, ever how painful that may be.

In order to have “only scripture” as the basis of our belief and practice, we need to have a working definition of what is “scripture”.  The best question we can ask ourselves at this point is, “What did the Messiah and the apostles consider to be ‘scripture’?”  An honest searching out of this matter will reveal that what has always been considered “scripture” are the very words that have proceeded out of the mouth of the Most High.  With that in mind, we see that the Torah and the Prophets were held in the highest esteem by the Messiah and the apostles.  Even the letters of the apostles and elders make use of the word “scripture” in making reference to the recorded words of the Most High, proving that they set the scriptures apart even from their own writings.

Where Christianity has gone wrong is in their departure from the Torah and the Prophets.  This is the fruit of the seeds sown in the early centuries where the “church councils” have laid the foundation for what is known as Christianity today.  This fruit is far cry from the fruit of the true word of the Kingdom which was manifest in the early Jerusalem believers in the Messiah who were “zealous of the Torah”.  Even as Yahusha the Messiah Himself said that He did not come to destroy the Torah or the Prophets, but to fulfill, we as His followers must follow suit in not destroying the Torah or the Prophets, but rather fulfilling them in our day to day lives.

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