“Black” Lives Will Not Matter Until…

Posted on 09/05/2015


“Black Lives Matter!”

As this phrase dominates the American media, it is the cry of the heart of so many that “black” lives do not seem to matter to those in authority.  Marches and protests continue with strong demands for justice, which is embodied in the caption of the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March, “Justice or Else.”  What many do not realize is that the root cause of “black” lives not seeming to matter lies hidden in plain sight.  Many of our people go to church often while not even realizing that the very bible they carry to church accurately identifies the problems facing our people, and the solution.

To put it in a nutshell, our forefathers made a covenant with the Most High about 3,500 years ago.  The Most High told them that if they obeyed His commandments, they would be blessed, and if they disobeyed His commandments, they would be cursed.  What is very interesting is the nature of the specific curses that were spelled out specifically in Deuteronomy chapter 28.  Here is a brief sample:

“You become engaged to a wife, but another man lies with her.  You build a house, but do not dwell in it.  You plant a vineyard, but do not use its fruit.  Your ox is slaughtered before your eyes, but you do not eat of it.  Your donkey is violently taken away from before you, and it is not given back to you.  Your sheep are given to your enemies, with no one to save them.”
( Deut. 28:30, 31 )

“Thus you shall become an astonishment, a proverb, and a mockery among all the peoples to which Yahuah drives you.”
( Deut. 28:37 )

“Yahuah brings a nation against you from afar, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flies, a nation whose language you shall not understand, a fierce-looking nation, which shows no regard for the elderly nor show favor to the young, and they shall eat the fruit of your livestock and the fruit of your land, until you are destroyed.  They leave you no grain, nor new wine, nor oil, nor the increase of your cattle or the offspring of your flocks, until they have destroyed you.”
( Deut. 28:49-51 )

Now, there are some who would argue that these curses were fulfilled in ancient times and have no application for today.  They were indeed fulfilled in ancient times, but the Most High also said that these curses would perpetuate themselves throughout history until the end of the age:

“And all these curses shall come upon you, and they shall pursue and overtake you, until you are destroyed, because you did not obey the voice of Yahuah your Alohym, to guard His commands and His laws which He commanded you.  And they shall be upon you  for a sign and for a wonder, and on your seed, forever,“)
( Deut. 28:45, 46 )

In 2015 in the United States of America today, we are seeing the perpetuation of the curses of Deuteronomy 28 upon the children of Israel and Judah.  From police brutality, to injustice in the courts, to the financial exploitation by the private prison corporations whose shareholders demand that the prisons be filled at all times, we are seeing the scriptures being fulfilled before our very eyes.

If you read slowly and carefully through these curses, you will find that when dealing with our enemies, the Most High is telling us as He told our forefathers that YOUR LIVES WILL NOT MATTER TO THEM!  Do our lives matter to the Most High?  Of course they do, however, we have a choice of whether or  not we will serve the One in whose eyes we matter much, or forsake Him and serve the ones in whose eyes we do not matter.  The choice has always been ours.  The scriptures are full of examples of the children of Israel being handed over to their enemies who did not regard their lives, and what we are facing today is no different.

Brothers and Sisters, our lives will never matter to our enemies, and we are wasting our time trying to twist the arm of a Luciferian government to make our enemies regard us.  We are marching and protesting, but we are dead in our sins.  What we need to do is REPENT, for the Kingdom of Yahuah is at hand!  If Yahuah be for us, who can be against us?  Our focus needs to be doing whatever we can to get Him on our side because as it stands now, He is against us.  He has hidden His face from us and given us into the hands of our enemies, and nothing will change that except a righteous repentance, which is a wholesale forsaking of our sins and wickedness, and a true return to the laws and commandments of the Most High which were given to our forefathers.

Are you ready to stop wasting your time being cannon fodder for rich “white” men who are financing movements that you think are so “black”?  Are you ready to give up your fornication, adultery, homosexuality, greed, materialism, nasty attitudes, etc. in order to truly serve the One in whose eyes you really matter?  The choice is yours, brothers and sisters.  The choice is yours.  Choose this day whom you will serve.  Shalom.