Rules Of Engagement

Posted on 07/14/2014



The time has come that we at Mission To The Twelve Tribes bring accountability to those who post comments on our blog, as well as to ourselves.  One of our aims is to provide a discussion forum that is both edifying and educational.  What we have found is that without firmly laid out rules of engagement, we have deviated from our aim.  We take partial responsibility for this as we have erred in our judgment at times by continuing to engage with people who have clearly demonstrated no sincere interest in reasoning out of the Scriptures.

For this reason, we are laying out the following rules of engagement.  We will strive to abide by these rules ourselves, as well as holding our posters accountable to them.  The primary purpose of laying out these rules is to ensure that all engagement, especially conflicting engagement, is done in a manner that is reasonable and respectful.  We believe that this purpose can be achieved, even in cases where sharp reproof, rebuke, and correction may be warranted.  Let us use the Word of Yahuah as our guiding light in this matter:

“Come now, and let us reason together…” ( Isa. 1:18 )

“Produce your cause, said Yahuah; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Ya’acob” ( Isa. 41:21 )



1. No hostility. Any condescending or hostile remarks will be removed.

2. No emotional objections without at least attempting to give reasonable support.  Merely stating things such as “that’s stupid” or “that’s wrong” or “not true” will not be accepted. Please be intelligent and informative in your responses.

3. If you disagree, please highlight the part you disagree with, and present your counter argument, using your own FACTS and Scripture to support your position.  Let your objections come from your own knowledge base.  No posting of links will be accepted.

4. Finally, PLEASE READ ALL THREE PARTS BEFORE OBJECTING. Most objections are addressed in the articles. Make sure that you hear the matters out fully before answering them ( Proverbs 18:13 ).


Failure to comply with the rules of engagement will result in the removal of your comments along with an opportunity to review the rules.  Repeated infractions after being given ample warning will result in your being blocked from posting on this blog.


On a final note, please be reasonable in your expectations.  This is our blog, not yours.  We are going to have the final word on all matters unless you just “knock it out of the ball park” and drop some truth on us that we just cannot refute.  If you are one who insists on having the final word in disagreements, we encourage you to start your own blog and develop your own content.