The Children Of The Captivity

Posted on 04/28/2013


When discussing the diaspora, or dispersion of the children of Yashar’al/”Israel” worldwide, we must be careful in the terminology that we employ.  The popular terminology coined by the churches, the synagogues, and the media is the “scattered seed of Israel”.  The aim of this writing is to demonstrate with scripture that this popular terminology is incomplete, biased, and deceptive.

It is true that the Most High promised to scatter the children of Yashar’al/”Israel” among all nations for their disobedience ( Lev. 26:33; Deut. 4:27; Deut. 28:64 ).  He fulfilled that promise, and has promised to regather them in the latter days when they repent ( Lev. 26:40-42; Deut. 4:29-31; Deut. 30:1-3 ).  What we must understand, however, is that the “scattered seed” terminology does not tell the whole story.  Not only were the children of Yashar’al/”Israel” scattered among the nations, but rather they were scattered IN CAPTIVITY, and were therefore the CHILDREN OF THE CAPTIVITY ( Ezr. 4:1; 6:16; 6:19; 10:7; 10:16; Dan. 5:13; 6:13 ).

This was not just the case in the Babylonian captivity, but in all three of the major captivities written of in the scriptures ( Assyria, Babylon, Rome ) because each captivity fulfilled the promises given by the Most High to punish His people for their disobedience.  Even as disobedience to the Covenant resulted in enslavement and oppression when Yashar’al/”Israel” first entered the promised land ( Jdg. 3:8; 3:12-14; 4:1-3; 10:6-9 ), so we see prophetically that this was and will be the case, even to the end of the age ( Deut. 28:45, 46; Isa. 13:19-14:4; Jer. 50:33,34; Joel 3:1-3 ).

This is important to note because there is only one group of people who have been “led away captive into all nations” ( Lk. 21:24 ) within the past 2000 years since the Messiah Yahusha spoke this prophecy.  The European groups that claim to be the children of Yashar’al/”Israel” ( Ashkenazi & Sephardic “Jews”, Western European and specifically British “Ephraimites/Manassites” ) have MIGRATED to all nations, but have not been LED AWAY CAPTIVE.  Only the so-called “blacks/Negroes/coloreds” have fulfilled the prophecy of Yahusha, and the prophecies of old that came beforehand.

This is not about skin color or “race”.  This is about scriptural truth and fulfilled prophecy.  Some are so offended by the idea of the children of Yashar’al/”Israel” being one relatively homogeneous group of people that they will not hear this truth no matter what the scriptures have to say ( see Isn’t This A Racist Teaching ).  They have been conditioned to believe that such a belief constitutes “racism”, and that we should believe that Yashar’al/”Israel” is a “coat of many colors”, meaning heterogeneous in phenotype.

The problem with the “coat of many colors” theory is that those of us whose ancestors have been scattered IN CAPTIVITY world-wide, who are still living in the lands of our captivity do happen to look alike.  We cannot do anything about that.  It is what it is, no matter who is offended by it.  If there was a “coat of many colors” scattered world-wide in the lands of their captivity today, and these same people fulfilled all of the scriptural prophecies concerning the children of Yashar’al/”Israel”, we would have no problem preaching and teaching that theory.

In conclusion, what we have seen through the scriptures is that the children of Yashar’al/”Israel” are not only the “scattered seed”, but also the “children of the captivity”, even up to this day.  Again, to limit the terminology to “scattered seed” does not tell the whole story and broadens the umbrella to confirm the errors that most people believe about this issue.  An honest look at the scriptures, however, will tell anyone that when the seed of Yashar’al/”Israel” is regathered, they will be regathered from at perpetual state of captivity, oppression, affliction, and persecution ( see Captivity, Oppression, Affliction, Scattering, & Enmity ).  They will not be regathered from a state of prosperity, military dominance, and world renown.