Aren’t You Just A “Black” Version Of British Israelism?

Posted on 05/12/2012


Aren’t you just a “black” version of British Israelism?  On the surface it would seem so, however, in this post, my aim is to point out the principal differences between what we believe and British Israelism.  The reason this is necessary is that many take offense to what we believe before even taking the time to study it out.  They mistakenly believe that we are using this teaching to exalt ourselves above everyone else, and therefore they do not give it a fair shake.


The primary difference between our belief and the British Israel belief is our basis.  The “white” European nations began to dominate this world when the third beast of Daniel, the Greeks, took power.  The past two centuries, more particularly, have been dominated by the United States and Great Britain economically, militarily, and socially.  Those of the British Israel persuasion attribute this position of prominence to the Abrahamic blessings, and also to the birthright blessings of Yoseph ( Gen. 49:22-26; Britain and the United States are believed to be Ephraim and Manasseh respectively ).

The problem with this belief system is that the national blessings of Yisrael ( Deut. 28:1-14 ) are conditional upon obedience to torah!  Neither Britain nor the United States have ever collectively been obedient to the torah, but rather they have promoted an anti-torah, catholicized, protestantized, perversion of the Abrahamic faith.  Consider the northern ten tribes from the time that they separated from Yahudah in the days of Rehobam ( “Rehoboam” ) ( I Ki. 12:16-20 ).  Where were the “birthright blessings of Yoseph”  during that period of time?  Throughout both books of Kings, we see that the northern ten tribes were cursed because of their worship of Baal and the golden calves of Yerobam ( “Jeroboam” ).

Because the blessings of Genesis 49 are said to take place in the “last days”, we must take into account that the last days also includes the kingdom age ( Isa. 2:1-3 ), which is when the nation of Yisrael will once again be a truly blessed nation as in days of old.  I say this because many mistakenly belief that the last days must specifically be referring to our day and time, when in actuality we have at least one thousand years for these blessings to be fulfilled in the nation of Yisrael.

Our belief, on the other hand, is that we are the true children of Yisrael because we are the only nation of people on this earth who have historically fulfilled, and are still fulfilling the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and their related prophecies throughout the scriptures.  These curses will be fulfilled collectively and perpetually in the children of Yisrael until the end of the age when the Messiah returns.  They will be a SIGN by which you will be able to identify them today ( Deut. 28:45, 46 ).  Being a cursed nation of people is nothing to boast about, but rather it is an occasion to mourn ( Ezek. 6:8, 9; 16:59-63 ) because of the shame and abasement that our sins and iniquities have brought upon us in the sight of all nations.

We and the British Israel proponents have two completely difference approaches to establishing Yisraelite heritage.  British Israelism piggybacked upon an already well entrenched system of white supremacy.  With the onset of Darwin’s theory of evolution which promoted the idea of a “superior white race” vs. the “inferior non-white races”, British Israelism along with other eurocentric “Christian” theologies served to add fuel to the fire.  Many religious authorities at that time gave theological justification to the European colonization, enslavement,  and oppression of nations of color throughout the centuries.

The British Israel proponents were and are in essence saying, “We are on top because of the covenant blessings of the Most High.”  Nothing could be further from the truth, for they have not nationally fulfilled the terms of the covenant.  We must remember that the Most High  gives the kingdom to whomsoever he will, and even sets over it the basest of men ( Dan. 4:17 ).  Many wicked nations have been given dominion of this world for a season, and their exaltation had nothing at all to do with covenant blessing ( also see Lk. 4:6 ).

We on the other hand are saying, “We are on the bottom because of the covenant curses of the Most High.”   Our status as the true children of Yisrael is not something that we wear as a “chip on our shoulder” while looking down our nose at the other nations ( I can only speak for us as the Israelites For The Kingdom, for we are well aware of “black” Yisraelite groups that do use this truth to exalt themselves above others.  Just because some abuse this truth does not make it wrong [ see Php. 1:15-18 ] ).  We have no reason to exalt ourselves, and every reason to repent as a nation and return to the Most High and His torah in accord with Deut. 30:1-3.

In conclusion, I will say that our position concerning the identity of the true children of Yisrael is far more consistent with the entirety of scriptural prophecy than the British Israel belief system.  The scriptures are replete with references to the children of Yisrael suffering the covenant curses throughout their history until the turning of their captivity.  British Israelism, on the other hand,  attempts to squeeze the covenant blessings out of a time period wherein the children of Yisrael are prophesied to be perpetually cursed for their disobedience to torah.

So, to put it all in a nutshell, we are NOT a “black” counterpart of British Israelism, for British Israelism claims Yisraelite heritage based upon their perceived superiority over all the other nations, whereas we claim Yisraelite heritage based upon our perceived inferiority to all the other nations.  We challenge you to do the study yourself.  Study the prophecies concerning the post-biblical history of the children of Yisrael ( CLICK HERE  for a good start… ), and you tell us whether the children of Yisrael throughout modern history are prophesied to be nationally blessed or cursed.  Shalom.