Why Is Your Belief So Exclusive?

Posted on 10/12/2011


Why is your belief ( that you are the true children of Israel ) so exclusive?  In other words, Why not say that you all are the true children of Israel, but also the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, and everyone else who makes a claim to Israelite heritage?  Why be so politically incorrect?

I heard a Messianic Jewish brother address the issue of “Black Hebrewism” on YouTube.  I will say that the brother had a much better spirit than most who I have seen try to debunk our beliefs.  His main issue seemed to be the exclusivity of our claim to be the true children of Israel.  He didn’t have a problem with saying that our nation of people composed SOME of the children of Israel, but not all.

What we must understand is that the basis of the exclusivity is NOT skin color, but rather prophetic fulfillment.  When I say prophetic fulfillment, I don’t mean extracting a prophecy or two and divorcing them from their context, but rather the same core events being foretold over and over by many of the prophets of old.  You simply cannot get around the issue of the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and their related prophecies all throughout the scriptures.  Determining Israelite ancestry without the curses and their related prophecies would be like driving from Chicago, Illinois to Hope, Arkansas without street signs.  Yahuah give us a sign ( Deut. 28:45, 46 ).  Anything else is secondary.

What we must also understand is that if we say that we are all about truth, we must separate our faith from our feelings.  Objections to exclusivity oftentimes has more to do with one’s pride being hurt than it does with scriptural truth.  No matter where we are in our walk, somebody out there can accuse us of being too exclusive.  If you say that Yahushua is the only way to Yahuah, then the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, New Agers, and Liberal Christians will say that you are too exclusive.

Furthermore, let it be known above all things that our “exclusivity” in determining Israelite ancestry has NOTHING to do with a person’s salvation.  We emphatically believe that in every nation, he that fears Yahuah and works righteousness is accepted with him.  What we all must do is stay away from the two extremes that we often find when dealing with this type of issue.  On one hand there are arrogant, nationalistic people whose message is one of salvation by race rather than by grace.  On the other hand, there are brethren of other nations who have a boastful attitude toward the natural branches in saying that Israelite ancestry doesn’t matter at all, not realizing the plans that the Most High has for the children of Israel in these last days.

Let us also learn our lesson from Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.    They were given the high honor of being Levites and ministering to the Most High, yet it was not enough for them, for they coveted the priesthood also ( Num. 16:9 ).  They accused Moses and Aaron of exclusivism ( Num. 16:3 ), but they did not realize that Moses’ and Aaron’s positions were the choice of Yahuah, not man ( Num. 17:1-9 ).  In the same way, brethren of other nations have been given the high honor of being called the sons of Yahuah and given a place in the commonwealth of Israel ( Isa. 56:1-8 ). 

For some reason, however, that is not enough from some people.  They insist on being recognized as the natural children of Israel ( some even by tribe ) without regard to the curses and prophecies of the scriptures.  As I said in another post, people have the wrong idea that “being Israel” is something to boast about.  You may want to identify with Israel in their Golden Age in the times of our fathers David and Solomon, but are you sure that you want to be identified with post-exile Israel?  Are you sure that you want to…

  1. …be called bywords like nigger, coon, porch monkey, jigabooo, jungle bunny, pickaninny, sambo, Chicken George, spade, black ju ju, spook, ink blot, etc. ( Deut. 28:37 ).
  2. constantly read news about your nation of people being denied justice in society, the prisons, or in the job market.
  3. …experience the pain of watching multiple relatives go to prison, yet show no interest in salvation.
  4. …constantly see your nation of people in the public eye being exploited and reduced to objects of entertainment.
  5. …be misunderstood by your “white” brothers and sisters in Messiah who call you a “racist”  just because you choose to reject the lies of the status-quo and uncover the truth about your heritage.
  6. …watch your people being seduced by a false messiah who preaches “Change!”, yet in reality is another illuminati puppet who is moving your people further away from Yahuah.
  7. …deal with all of the above and be able to do little or nothing about it.

Sobering isn’t it?  I don’t mean to “kill your trip”, but believe me when I say that being the post-exile children of Israel is not something to be envied.  Selah.