Are “Black” People Cursed With The “Curse Of Ham”?

Posted on 10/09/2011


Are “black” people cursed with the “curse of Ham”?  While some of you may not be familiar with this question, believe it or not the supposed “curse of Ham” was used centuries of ago by some professing Christian theologians and Jewish rabbis in order to justify the atrocities of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Because Ham, the son of Noah, saw his Father’s nakedness, Noah, upon awakening from his drunkenness cursed Ham’s son, Canaan ( Gen. 9:20-27 ).  Ham himself was not cursed because Yahuah the Most High had already blessed him ( Gen. 9:1 ).  The curse of slavery upon Canaan and his descendants is evidenced throughout the scriptures.  Canaan was to be a servant of servants.  The children of Israel were the servants of Yahuah ( Isa. 43:10; 44:1 ).  The Canaanites, although they should have been destroyed altogether ( Deut 20:16-18 ), ended up being the servants of the children of Israel ( Judges 1:30-35 ).

The sons of Ham, on the other hand, specifically Cush/Ethiopia and Mizraim/Egypt were major world powers.  Egypt enslaved the children of Israel for many years.  Even in post-biblical history, when Europe plunged into the “Dark Ages” after the fall of Rome, many “black” Hamitic societies were flourishing ( Ghana, Mali, Songhay, etc. ).  It was the “black” Moors that helped bring Europe out of the “Dark Ages”.  All of this is hardly the history of a people who were forever cursed to be enslaved to “white” people.

The professing Christian theologians and Jewish rabbis were correct in discerning that there was a curse upon the enslaved “black” masses, but where they missed the mark was in tracing the curse back to Ham rather than to the children of Israel.  To the theologians and rabbis of that day, connecting the cursed “black” slaves to the children of Israel would have run contrary to the lying “white” images that they were promoting of “Jesus” and the children of Israel as a whole.  They would not have been able to deal with the truth that the people whom they justified enslaving and abusing were the very people about whom and by whom their bibles were written.

Truly, they touched the apple of Yahuah’s eye and did not even realize it.  Selah.