Why Do You All Bring Up Slavery So Much?

Posted on 10/08/2011


Why bring up slavery so much?  What’s past is past, right?  Many people feel that way, however, we must bring the subject up because much of our present day miseries and troubles can be traced to the abuses of our slave ancestors.  Also, it is actually the uniqueness of our slavery experience that helps identify us as the true children of Israel.

A brother once said to me, “Many nations of men have been enslaved in times past, not just the ‘blacks’.”  While that is true, no other nation of people has fulfilled all of the biblical prophecies concerning the children of Israel in their slavery experience.  Yahuah the Most High said that he would scatter and remove the children of Israel into all the kingdoms of the earth in world-wide captivity and slavery( Deut. 28:64, 68; Isa. 13:19-14:3; Jer. 15:4; 24:9; 29:18; 34:17; Joel 3:1-8; Zech. 1:18-21; Isa. 60:14; Lk. 21:24 ).

The Chinese were once enslaved by the Japanese, yet the Chinese are in their homeland today.  The Irish were once enslaved by the English, yet the Irish are in their homeland today.  The Hungarians were once enslaved by the Ottoman Empire, yet the Hungarians are in their homeland today.  None of these three groups, were taken world-wide in their experience of slavery.

There is only one nation of people who were taken into world-wide captivity and slavery, and are still there today, and that is the so-called “blacks/Negroes/coloreds” ( which are not Africans, but that is for another post ).  The so-called “black/Negro/colored” slave descendants are in North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, Europe, Africa, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, etc.  Who else can say that?  Who else is still in the land of their captivity as a result of their ancestors being brought there as slaves?

The most important thing, however, is that after we have brought up the subject, we must steer people in the direction of righteous repentance rather than resentment toward “white” people.  We admit that many are using the facts of the abuses of slavery, Jim Crow, and present day abuses to stir up “white guilt”.  What we must realize is that we as the children of Israel got what we deserved.  Let me correct myself.  We actually got better than we deserved because Yahuah could have completely destroyed us, but in His abundant love and mercy He preserved a remnant.

The Most High told us ahead of time what He would do to us if we went whoring after other gods, and after idols ( Deut. 32 ).  The “Song of Moses” was to be memorized and uttered by all generations of Israelites as a testimony against us because the Most High knew what we would do after entering the promised land.

Part ( but, certainly not all ) of the reason that this teaching leaves such a bad taste in the mouths of our “white” brothers and sisters is that we have not humbled ourselves and accepted the punishment of our iniquity ( Lev. 26:40-42 ).  Too often, we present this teaching with a prideful, arrogant, “in your face” attitude that is far from humble repentance.   The “white” man was not the true driving force behind our slavery and oppression, but rather it was the hand of the Most High himself.  Keep in mind that we were also mightily oppressed by “black” Africans and Arabs during the Islamic slave trade of the 7th century.  The Most High uses whomsoever he will to accomplish his perfect will.

Children of Israel, we cannot truly love our “white” brothers and sisters as the Messiah has loved us ( Jn. 13:34; 15:12 ) if we do not humble ourselves, accept the punishment of our iniquity, and move on.  Yes, the nations who oppressed us must confess and renounce the sins of their forefathers too, but that is between them and the Most High.  All of us must allow the Ruach HaKodesh ( “Holy Spirit” ) to renew our minds with the truth of the scriptures.  Only then can we truly be one with the Father and with the Son.  Selah.