What Difference Does It Make?

Posted on 10/08/2011


What difference does it make who the true children of Israel are?  This is a fair question that deserves a fair answer.  Because this issue has caused much strife and division amongst truth seekers who are supposed to be brothers and sisters in the Messiah, some have come to the conclusion that the issue does not make a difference, and should be left alone for the sake of peace.

While we as believers in the Messiah Yahushua must strive for the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, we must also make sure that we are uniting in truth.  It is better to divide in truth than to unite in error.  We must also make sure that we are judging with equal weights and measures.  Some of the very brothers and sisters who say “We love Israel!”, “We support Israel!”, when presented with the idea of the so-called African-Americans being the true children of Israel, recoil in disbelief ( and sometimes disgust ) and say “What difference does it make anyway?”

This issue should make a difference to us because it makes a difference with the Most High.  The Messiah Yahushua came to unite the 12 tribes of Israel ( Ezek. 37:15-28; Hos. 1:10, 11; Matt. 10:5, 6; Matt. 15:21-24; Jn. 11:47-52; Acts 3:26; Rom. 1:16; Rom. 2:9-11 ).  This was the primary phase in his plan for the salvation of the sons of Adam.  The children of Israel were initially given the charge to be a nation of priests ( Ex. 19:6 ) to the sons of Adam.  This calling did not change because of the “New Covenant” ( Rom. 11:29; I Pet. 1:1, 2; I Pet. 2:9 ).

Another very important difference this issue makes is that it lays the groundwork for the true children of Israel to return to the Father the right way, which is through a righteous repentance.  A righteous repentance is a return to the commandments, statutes, and judgments of the Most High ( Deut. 30:1-3 ).

Many of the children of Israel today are calling themselves repenting, yet they are only rendering a social repentance, which is a repentance from social sins like drunkenness, drugs, fornication, cussing, fighting, etc.  While this is certainly a good start, it falls short of what Yahuah the Most High requires of them in order for Him to turn the captivity of His covenant people.  Because the true children of Israel today have been deceived into believing that they are “Black Gentile Christians”, they see no need to bring their repentance full circle.

Finally, this issue will ultimately make a difference in how brothers and sisters in Messiah, especially the so-called “blacks” and the so-called “whites”, relate to one another.  When we as the true children of Israel realize that our generational miseries and troubles are the direct result of the sins of our fathers, we will then stop pointing the finger at the “white man” and start humbling ourselves, accepting the punishment of our iniquities ( Lev. 26:40-42 ), and moving forward in righteousness, peace, and love.

Likewise, when the so-called “white” brothers and sisters realize that we are not the “knuckle-dragging African savages” who were “gracefully redeemed by European Christianity”, but rather that we are the people about whom and by whom the scriptures were written, perhaps they will direct their “We love Israel!  We support Israel!”  to us, and support our efforts to awaken the 12 tribes of Israel in these last days.  Selah.