What About The “Jews”? Part (I)

Posted on 10/08/2011


What about the “Jews”?  No blog that is restoring the truth about the children of Israel would be complete without answering this question.  Seeing that this is such a hot potato, I would like to take a different approach to this question than you may be used to hearing.

I have been in this “restoration”,”truth seeker”,”come out of her my people”, etc. movement for about 15 years.  For the first five years, I was in fellowship with seventh-day pentecostal groups, yet I did not have the Hebrew roots revelation at that time.  As truth was being restored to us ( sabbath, clean foods, no pagan holidays, etc. ), we had much to say about the Roman Catholic Church and her Protestant daughters.  As they claim to be the “true churches”, we weighed their claims in the balance and found them wanting.

It seems like to RC/P churches were the “whipping boy” of the “restoration” movement.  We boldly exposed their false doctrines, paganism, and vain traditions of men.  Because their claims failed to line up with the scriptures, we did not follow the multitudes but rather we separated ourselves from those churches and their teachings.

When I came into the Hebrew Roots/Messianic side of the “restoration” movement in about 2001, I noticed something quite troubling.  I noticed that Hebrew Roots/Messianic brethren were just as adamant as us in exposing the falsehoods of the RC/P churches, yet I did not see the “Jews” being examined with as much rigorous scrutiny.  I noticed the unequal weights and measures by which brethren were judging matters.

Many who were quick to condemn the symbol of the cross still held to the Jewish “star of David”, which in reality is a thoroughly satanic symbol which anyone with a background in satanism will tell you.  Anything that remotely looked like a cross was condemned, yet I even read an article by a Messianic non-Jewish brother who said that if the triangles that form the hexagram are placed in a particular form and fashion, then it is not satanic.

Because the Hebrew Roots/Messianic non-Jewish brethren ( especially if they believe that they are the physical seed of Israel ) are so intent on “uniting with their brother Judah” that they seem to walk on egg shells with the “Jewish” issue whereas they goosestep with the jackboots all over the RC/P churches.

As much as I love my Messianic Jewish ( and non-Jewish ) brethren, I am compelled to cry aloud and spare not on this one.  Truly we are having men’s persons in admiration because of advantage ( Jd. 1:16 ), and Yahuah is not pleased with our partiality and respect of persons.  Brethren, the fear of man bringeth a snare ( Pr. 29:25 ).  It is high time that we get some testicles and stand for scriptural truth no matter who it offends.  Yes, we must speak the truth in love, but it still needs to be spoken.

As the RC/P churches claim to be the true representatives of the Messiah on earth today, so do the “Jews” claim to be the original descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  As we have examined the RC/P churches’claims with close scrutiny according to the scriptures, so must we do with the “Jews’ ” claim to be the true children Israel.  If that is “anti-semitism”, then we might as well go back to the RC/P churches and follow the multitudes.  This thing is all or nothing, brothers and sisters.  Our father David said that he hated every false way ( Ps. 119:104, 128 ).  Do we hate every false way also, or only the ones that won’t get us in too much hot water?  Think about it.

To Be Continued…