Isn’t This A Racist Teaching?

Posted on 10/08/2011


Is it racist to believe and teach that most of the so-called “blacks” of the Americas are the true children of Israel?  Many think so, however, we must follow the wisdom of the scriptures, which say that “he that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. ( Pr. 18:13 )

The Most High divided men into nations ( Gen. 10 ),  not races.  There are many nations of men today that are so-called “white” as well as so-called “black”, and every color in between.  Israel was and is a nation, not a race.  We do not believe, nor do we teach that all “black” people are the children of Israel.  We do believe and teach that a specific nation of people are the children of Israel.  This specific nation was composed of people who were comparable in physical appearance to the ancient Egyptians ( Gen. 42:7; 50:11; Ex. 2:19; Matt. 2:13; Acts 21:38 ).

Just like a knife can be used either to prepare food for the poor and needy, or to murder, this truth can either be used for good or evil.  In the hands of a redeemed, Messianic believer who is filled with the Ruach haKodesh ( “Holy Spirit” ), it can be used to bring healing, restoration, and reconciliation.  In the hands of an unredeemed, professing truth seeker who has an axe to grind, it can be used to bring envy, strive, and division.  The answer is in our hands.

If we look at any nation of people on the earth today, we see that most of them are relatively homogeneous in physical appearance.  Most of us can differentiate a Korean from a Pakistani from a Swede from an Ethiopian.  Yes, there are mixes among the nations, but for the most part, the nations have retained their basic physical appearance.  Why is it any marvel that the same may be the case with the children of Israel?

There is a very popular and politically correct teaching going around the Messianic ranks today which says that the children of Israel had mixed themselves among the nations ( Hos. 7:8 ), and therefore today they are no longer a relatively homogeneous nation who is recognizable by physical appearance.  As a result, many people of  many different nations are told that they are the children of Israel, everybody is happy, and nobody gets their feelings hurt.

The problem with this theory is there is no scriptural proof that this mixing among the nations was a genetic mix that resulted in a complete loss of phenotype.  We know for sure that they did mix spiritually and culturally ( Deut. 28:64; Hos. 3:4, 5 ).  However, it is highly unlikely that the children of Israel mixed out their phenotype amongst all the nations into which they were scattered.  One significant reason for this is that, prophetically speaking, the children of Israel were to be a despised, rejected minority among all nations into which they were to be scattered ( Deut. 28:37; Jer. 24:9; 30:17 ).

Consider the despised, rejected minorities in the United States today.  Have they even come close to mixing themselves out?  How do those in the majority generally feel about their children marrying with such people?  Truly there is nothing new under the sun.  Yes, Israel did do some interbreeding/genetic mixing, but not to the point of mixing themselves out.  Just like any other nation in the world today, the majority of them have retained their original basic physical appearance.

In conclusion I will say that without proof that the children of Israel mixed themselves out, we must reasonably conclude that the majority of them are physically identifiable today.  With that being said, could the racism be on the part of those who cannot accept the idea that the true children of Israel are relatively homogeneous in phenotype, and perhaps a “black” people today?  Selah.