Isn’t Being In The Messiah The Only Thing That Matters?

Posted on 10/08/2011


On the surface, that seems like an excellent question that should cast doubt upon any effort to determine the identity of the true children of Israel.  Upon closer examination, however, we find that this question, if not properly answered, could lead one to miss out on a very important part of the Father’s plan for these last days.

I was silently observing a debate on Facebook between a brother who was promoting the same thing that we teach concerning the children of Israel and a sister who says that she is a prophetic teacher and has quite a strong internet presence.  The brother was making excellent points and backing up everything he said with scripture and historical facts.  The sister kept saying something to the effect of “all that matters is being in the Messiah!”

At a later date, I looked up the sister’s Facebook page and, lo and behold, on her “Info” page she made sure that everyone knew that we was a “Jewess” and had “Sephardic Jewish ancestry”.  If “all that matters is being in the Messiah”, then why bring attention to “Jewish ancestry”?  Could it be that to some people, being a “Jew” matters, unless you are “black”?

I saw a video on YouTube by a Messianic Jewish brother who does some extensive work with the Igbo tribe in Nigeria who are the true children of Israel, both scripturally, and by genetic testing ( which we do not give much weight to because of the politics that is often behind it , but I mention it because it does mean something to some people ).  He said that he received a very cold reception amongst “white” Messianic congregations when he attempted to solicit donations from them for his work.  In the video, he attributed this coldness to the “bad taste” left in their mouths by obnoxious groups like the “Black Hebrew Israelites”.  By e-mail correspondence with me, however, he also admitted that “white supremacy” has something to do with it too.

My point is that if we are going to say that “all that matters is being in the Messiah”, then let us not talk out of both sides of our mouths.  Let’s not wave our Israeli flags and have our Israeli pep rallies, and then when we find out who the true children of Israel are, turn around and say that it does not matter.  As I have said before, because it matters to the Most High, it should matter to us.

Part of Yahushua the Messiah’s mission was to unite the twelve tribes of Israel ( Ezek. 37:15-28; Matt. 10:6; 15:24; Jn. 11:52; Acts 3:26; Rom. 1:16; 2:9-11 ).  If we are truly one with the Messiah, we will also be one with his mission.  Yes, this teaching can lead one away from the Messiah if it is mixed with “Black Pride”, or “Black Nationalism”, or “Black Whatever”.  If we stick to the scriptures, however, we can never go wrong.  Yahuah the Most High is going to separate 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel who are going to follow the lamb wherever he goes ( Rev. 7:1-8; 9:4; 14:1-5 ) .  They will be instrumental in waking up the 12 tribes in these last days.  Let us get with the Most High’s program, rather than attempting to get Him with our program.  Selah.