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Mission To The Twelve Tribes is a blog which was created by the Qodesh Nation for the purpose of awakening the true children of Israel.  We believe that the true children of Israel today, in the Western Hemisphere, are primarily the so-called “black” people whose ancestors were brought to the Americas via the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and have subsequently suffered the biblical curses of Deuteronomy chapter 28 throughout their generations.

We understand that this belief is the source of much controversy and debate among people today, and that is why we created this blog.  There are many questions that people have about our beliefs which we address in this blog.  We encourage you, the reader, to judge nothing before it is time, and to prove all things and hold fast that which is good.

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When reading a blog of this nature, it is common for people to ask, “What Difference Does It Make?”, or “Isn’t Being In The Messiah All That Matters?”, or even, “Isn’t This A Racist Teaching?”

Also, if the so-called “blacks” are the children of Israel, then, “What About The ‘Jews’?”  If the “Jews” are not the true children of Israel, then, “What Do The Rabbis Have To Say About Your Claims?”

If one is familiar with the “white” European claims to Israelite heritage ( Brit/Am, British Israelism, etc. ), one may ask, “Are The Celto-Saxon People The True Israelites?”.

Furthermore, because you will never see the children of Israel in the world census, “Where Is It Written That The Children Of Israel Would Lose Their Identity?”

The scriptures hold many clues which can lead us to the answers to these and many other questions.  Did you know that the scriptures say concerning the children of Judah/Yahudah, “Our Skin Was Black Like An Oven”?  Did you also know that the scriptures foretell that the true children of Israel would encounter “Captivity, Oppression, Affliction, Scattering, and Enmity”?  And, that the children of Israel were referred to in the scriptures as the “Children Of The Captivity”?  This is why we put such an emphasis on SLAVERY

Is all of this confusing, or overwhelming to you? Perhaps you should start with the basics and consider these five questions.

We hope that you appreciate the challenge that this blog will present to your current thinking.  Although we stand firm in what we believe, please know that we do not promote any doctrines of “racial” supremacy, but we do promote the truth according to the scriptures. 

We believe that in every nation, those who fear the Most High and work righteousness are accepted with him.  All nationalities of people are welcome to come into covenant with the Most High and to become a citizen of our nation.


Your Servant In The Messiah,

Brother Hiram


***IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our goal with this blog is to answer as many sincere questions as we can about the true children of Israel today, and to provide a forum of discussion that is both edifying and educational.  Please read our RULES OF ENGAGEMENT before commenting on our blog.  Also, please feel free to share any questions which you believe would be helpful for us to address in our future posts.

Please enjoy our posts which you may access via the information listed in the right-hand column.

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